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kids learn the value of hard work

I really enjoyed this video. I think there is something to be said for the old way of passing down “skills” from generation to generation not to mention the idea of being focused on helping teach/help others. These boys will be well prepared to deal with the stuff that life throws at all of us. […]

Day 22: Recovery

DAY: 22 LOCATION: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS TO GAINESVILLE, TEXAS (JUST NORTH OF FT. WORTH) Well, we’re just recovering from a string of days that has left us staring at the bum end of a wal-mart parking lot : ) We got to enjoy Thursday in the afterglow of what I’ve now labled “Engagement Day” (This […]

Day 19 – Engagement Day *Trumpet Fanfare* San Antonio, Texas

DAY: 19 LOCATION: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Aaron wakes me, cheerfully…sweetly… “El Mercado, Smoochie, time to wake up and go see El Mercado!”. “Eerrunnnph”. Loosely translated that means “I need to run, but its too cold to emerge, I need to go to the bathroom, but I’m not walking up the hill right now. I need […]