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Mandy’s background has always been a diverse blend of business and the arts, owning her own photography business for a period of time, which focused on both portraiture and commercial photography. More recently she co-founded Adeptio, a small business consulting firm where she directs all marketing efforts from branding to blogging. Additionally, last summer she started and ran a children’s musical theatre company where she wrote, choreographed and directed several children’s productions. She is a performing artist herself, having written and performed radio ad campaigns, as well as recently finishing production on her first demo. She has played locally for events such a The Benefit for Juvenille Diabetes. Her two newest ventures include training for her pilates certification and launching a magazine directed at entrepreneurial women. She has a great love of travel, having spent time abroad in Romania, Nicaragua, Hungary and France both in a personal capacity as well as doing relief work. In her spare time, Mandy enjoys writing – she is currently authoring a children’s book series in memory of her mother, gourmet cooking, networking and entertaining. Mandy is active in a local women’s ministry, and is an advocate of breast cancer fearlessness. She hopes one day to start her own non-profit building homes for orphans.

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Aaron has always had an entrepreneur’s spirit, starting his own custom landscape design and installation firm while he was still in highschool. It turned out to be a great success, putting him through college at Purdue University and eventually being voted Hendrick’s Co.’s Best. Shortly after college, Aaron decided to pursue a more “professional” path as a financial planner, and devoted 4 years toward that endeavor – finding along the way that his skills lie in problem solving, organization, inventing and his passion lie with helping people and their businesses to grow and succeed – after four years, he decided he was meant for something different than financial planning and again struck out on his own, co-founding Adeptio Consulting, where he invents solutions for small business owners, paving the way for them to expand, extending the business owners time capacity by streamlining processes and setting financial goals then mapping solutions to meet them. Aaron has also re-launched Ground Affects, his highschool landscaping firm, achieving again being voted Hendricks Co.’s (Second) best in his first year back in business after a 5 year sabatical.  His next endeavors include launching the Y.E.S. program, Young Entrepreneurial Successes, an organization which teaches highschool students real life principles of how to run a business, both in practice and the mental disciplines involved in being self-motivated and successful. Aaron has secured licensure in real estate and holds several financial certifications as well.

Aaron’s mental library is vast, being a hungry reader of business greats, such as Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Michael Gerber, Jack Welch and Jack Canfield to name a few. Aaron loves attending Purdue football games,  riding his motorcycle and travel, but true passion is helping people.

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Aaron and Mandy met and formed a partnership in business, life and love three years ago, February 7, 2009. They both love to travel, visiting California, Florida, New Orleans, Chicago and have taken several trips on the motorcycle, including rides to New York and North Carolina. They are always thrilled to meet other entrepreneurs, to hear their stories, and hope to someday compile a book, the product of a cross country road trip telling stories of “local” entrepreneurs from all across the United States. Their family includes two dogs, Chloe and Cletus and three cats, Murray, Matilda and Fiffin.