Day 22: Recovery

DAY: 22

Well, we’re just recovering from a string of days that has left us staring at the bum end of a wal-mart parking lot : ) We got to enjoy Thursday in the afterglow of what I’ve now labled “Engagement Day” (This comes with sound effects at the end in the form of trumpet fanfare…) but then by Thursday night Aaron (and me a little bit, but mostly him) had come down with some type of flu, so we spent two days (which were gray and cold anyway…) riding out the storm in Magnolia the Flying Machine. When we DID try to drive on Saturday, we realized that the alternator on the truck had gone kaput (which meant that we couldn’t use the laptop while driving to find an auto-zone OR a place to stay…) but I had to use the bathroom, and for once it turned out to be a good thing that I did, because the random place we happened to stop had free computer use with internet! After about 3 hours of tinkering and a bite out of our maintenance budget (Thank heavens for Aaron, who is wise about these things and thinks to build in the maintenance budget…) we got it fixed and headed out once more… Finally on Sunday he was feeling a little bit better, so we went to Eagle Mountain International Church, just outside of Ft. Worth, Texas and then spent the afternoon doing some catch up work – him for a client and me working on the outline of a book I’m hoping to write, as well as planning Thanksgiving dinner and making a Christmas gift list!

Today we’re headed into Tulsa to spend Thanksgiving with my sister at Oral Roberts University where we’ll stay through December 3rd, when she’s performing in a play! After that, we’re headed out toward Arizona, so you’ll probably see an increase in photos and “stories” at that time! Also, I haven’t forgotten about posting the rest of the San Antonio pictures, we’ve just been hunkered down a little these last few days.

We’re thinking of all of you and hope you’re enjoying all of the Holiday festivities!

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