Building a Tow-Mixer

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about gasification and it’s ability to produce both combustible producer gas and heat for our future homestead. How sustainable is using wood (ie trees) for power and heat? I guess that depends how heavily wooded our land is…however for most, this probably isn’t sustainable. But could it be?

I can’t help but look at the amount of paper and cardboard (let alone all the other combustible materials like plastics) that we throw away. So I started considering the possibility of pressing our own paper/pulp briquettes. I’ve found a few possible DIY, batch presses but never liked the idea of hand-mixing the paper slurry. This seemed extremely labor intensive and not easily scalable. I had pretty well given up the idea of DIY briquettes when I came across this Tow-Mixer built for mixing concrete (essentially).

I like it. I might try it. ;) Thanks to for sharing this!

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