A quick re-cap (Or, “How It All Started)

A quick re-cap –

Last Summer Aaron and I, out of a great love of travel, decided we needed to leave in January for two months to Buenos Aires. If you’re among those who know that we’re on a Southwest trip, you will have safely assumed this didn’t work out. We were in the middle of lining up our ducks, even going as far as moving up to Noblesville to stay with my parents so we could sock away extra money.

We moved in September first and on September 9th we found out that my (Mandy) mom had breast cancer. She’d been dealing with it for two years and never told anyone. We dropped everything with our businesses and basically spent the next six weeks in the hospital. Despite our fervent efforts and hopes, my mother slipped from this world on October 15th. She was a hero to Aaron and I, both. She had always wanted to do a Southwest trip, and since we had some other stops we needed to make in November, we decided we’d made our last excuse and it was time to travel. Because life is precious, every single moment, and for every reason why not, there’s a stronger reason why to!

We purchased our travel trailer last Thursday.

Friday I attempted to sew new valances (Not a fan of mauve 80’s scrunchie type window dressing).

Ha. I am a 21st century pioneer for sure, I can wield an air card and text my status to facebook from out on the road, but master a sewing machine a’la the Oregon trail …no way, no how. I bloodied myself trying but at least I didn’t die of dysentery or a rattle snake bite. Nonetheless, several safety pins and a can of spray adhesive later I prevailed.

Aaron on the other hand discovered that there was serious water and system damage to our newly redesigned home. Most specifically the plumbing system (See the “poo video” where Aaron shows off his “battle stains”) We were enormously fortunate to have John McShane and Larry Horn give up their Sunday afternoon family time to come and help us sort out our trailer’s poo issues. It truly seemed like as soon as one thing got sorted out, another thing cropped up, which accounts for our delay in leaving. Then, today, we discover that the battery won’t feed to the trailer. Not having any idea even what to look for to fix it, it began to seem pretty discouraging. Until Blake “Neighbor” happened to wander over to offer us a mirror and help. Within 45 minutes he had us fixed and ready to go. Thanks Blake the Neighbor.

We pulled out at 6:13 p.m. on Tuesday night. For 49(48) days, a wedding, a holiday, 16 states, two pair of cowboy boots, five new books, 60 batteries, in a trailer with two dogs, 6 new valances, one sister, one boyfriend a camera and a cause….more about the cause later : )

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